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About LevalLa

Have you ever had a problem that you were unsure how to navigate?

LevalLa began when the founder frequently began getting called upon to fix problems related to navigating our complex healthcare system.  Her experience in navigating the healthcare system started at the age of twenty when her father received a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis. She was the primary caregiver in their home until he passed away in 1997. This experienced shaped her career path with a desire to help people navigate their lives in a way that gave them control and options. Since 1997, the founder has assisted people who have survived rape, fought cancer, are living with neuromuscular diseases (Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, SMA, etc.), and senior citizens.

These experiences led to her becoming an expert and well-known advocate that was willing to ask the difficult questions, solve problems and present options to the individual that them be the driver of their own life and health.    


What is with that name, LevalLa?

​She will not share the details of the health concern, because it is her daughter's story to tell and not hers... However, the founder's daughter Lauren (nicknamed "Lala") was in pain and discomfort daily for over six months. They were visiting specialists in Indianapolis and St. Louis to try to uncover the source of her medical mystery. Her pain level and energy level determined their daily plans. Lauren became extremely uncomfortable and frustrated by her mom frequently checking on her. She hated that there were frequent conversations were about her pain and health concerns. To minimize the amount of time focused on this they determined a quick question with the agreement  that Lauren would always be honest.  So, when she appeared uncomfortable or extremely tired her parents would ask, "Level La?"  

The question was asked so frequently it sounded like it was one made up word that we were saying to each other. 

(and we know that leval isn't spelled that way- Levella was already taken as a company name)

How is Lauren? She is doing GREAT!  They were able to find the right specialist to diagnosis and treat her It did require advocating, initiative-taking dialogue with physicians and an unwillingness to stop until she was healthy.

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