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Healthcare Advocacy

Navigate a complex healthcare system

  • HELP YOU ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS THAT KEEP AVOIDABLE HOSPITALS STAYS FROM OCCURRING: If the right questions are asked during an initial diagnosis you can avoid future complications.

  • ASSIST IN FACILITATING THE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS THAT FAMILIES MUST HAVE:  Families are complicated.  We all need someone that can facilitate difficult conversations.  We know how to bring the family together to ensure everyone is working together. 

  • FIND IN-NETWORK PROVIDERS: We find the right doctors, hospitals and other providers to meet employees’ unique care needs, and even make the appointment

  • EXPLAIN WHAT THE DOCTORS MEAN: Our experienced care team clarifies diagnoses, researches treatment options, and provides unbiased support throughout all phases of care.

  • GET A SECOND OPINION: We also find the right specialists for second opinions and manage the transfer of medical records and test results

  • SAVE YOUR VALUABLE TIME: Our experts do the work to untangle claims and billing issues, including reviewing medical bills to uncover costly errors.

  • EXPLAIN WHAT YOUR INSURANCE COVERS AND SAVE MONEY: We know the ins and outs of health plans and benefits, so employees know what’s covered and what’s not and how to get the most cost-effective care.

  • SUPPORT YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY: Our personalized services are available to employees, spouses, dependents, parents and parents-in-law.

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