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 We navigate your healthcare!

You spend your time enjoying the people you love!

Healthcare can be hard to navigate.  It is confusing and always changing.   However, there is a GUIDE.  It is a professional that is dedicated to helping those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the healthcare system to ensure nothing falls between the gaps. It is our mission to do the work for you ensuring the best outcomes with the least financial impact on your family.  

The healthcare community has very caring people that genuinely want to make a difference.  However, there are some key elements to consider:

  • Healthcare providers are often overworked

  • Healthcare care facilities and insurance companies are often under-staffed

  • The healthcare system has been come less and less accessible, especially to people that are not using technology

  • Many people do not understand their insurance, their pharmacy benefits or even how to get health insurance if they are not currently covered. 

  • Case workers and advocates that are within the hospital or insurance company work for that company and not for YOU. 

But with the help of a healthcare navigator, patients, companies, and employers can easily navigate the health system without barriers. Healthcare navigators, often called health guides, can help address patient hindrances and accompany patients every step of the way.

However, not many people are familiar with what a navigator does. Below, we outline what a healthcare navigator is, their importance, and how healthcare navigation can be a benefit to an organization.

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